About Corsair

It's been said that the recruiting industry isn't a job, it's a lifestyle. There are few careers that offer the opportunity to negotiate daily with the leaders of multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. There may be even fewer careers that can increase someone's personal income 30% to 60% per year. Corsair’s management structure is completely flat, there’s just one manager. We embrace a team philosophy. Account Managers are given the freedom to govern themselves for the most part, and are expected to hold themselves accountable to their team members and customers rather than layers of internal management.

Corsair Solutions prides itself in only hiring entry level candidates for its Account Management positions. We commit to thoroughly training new Account Managers and bringing them up to speed quickly in our own unique system. New Account Managers need only plug themselves into our system and we guarantee a very rewarding career.

What we require from our new Account Managers is; a true desire to build a career for themselves based solely on yearly income acceleration and the fortitude and intelligence to put our system into practice.

Our employee tenure should speak for itself, once you find success in the recruiting industry chances are you'll never leave it. Our team has worked to create a culture that has kept our core group together for years.

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