About Corsair

Corsair Solutions was founded in 2001, during the darkest years of the technology recession. Even though many companies were laying people off or going out of business altogether, we felt this was an opportune time to start a high-tech staffing company. With a great deal of determination—and an aggressive approach—we set forth into a very challenging marketplace.

So, how did we survive? Through confidence in our abilities and the trust of a few Massachusetts high-technology investors, we had a solid foundation for success. Our investors knew how to spot a winner, no matter what the venture. And we knew the market would bounce back, particularly in this region, which has always enjoyed a strong technology heritage.

Corsair was relentless from the start, building relationships, tracking the industry, and leveraging our past experience during times of economic recovery. It wasn't long before high-tech did make a comeback—and we were right there to capitalize on new opportunities.

Along the way, Corsair Solutions has continued to grow, setting a record pace each year since its inception. We have succeeded by following the same approach as our investors: We spot winners and we invest the necessary time and resources to ensure their long-term success. Whether it's engineering professionals looking to further their career or high-tech companies searching for the best engineering talent, Corsair Solutions is committed to earning our clients' trust every day.