About Corsair

As a job seeker it is critical that you partner with a staffing firm that can best represent you to hiring managers. Corsair is a preferred choice for candidates like you because:

We specialize in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

By targeting a smaller region, Corsair maximizes your exposure to potential career opportunities. We explore all possible resources. In addition, our recruiters and account managers know the area, and network daily with many of the top high-technology employers. We understand their hiring practices and can offer insight to help you throughout the process—from interviewing to negotiating a final offer.

We specialize in Software, Hardware, SQA, and IT Engineering.

We don't believe in trying to be everything to everybody. That is why you won't find Corsair chasing opportunities in multiple industries or disciplines. Our focus is—and always will remain-on engineering in the high technology sector. For job seekers, this means we speak your language, and can quickly identify the employers and positions that best meet your needs.

We specialize in timely, quality results.

Put our elite staff to work for you and you will have confidence knowing that we will deliver on-target opportunities, quickly and efficiently. We are committed to understanding your technical background and highlighting your key strengths to potential employers. And our advanced negotiation training will help you obtain an offer that meets your requirements.